• @jwnichls There's an SF Bay ACM talk on the Google Prediction API tomorrow night. I'm thinking of going. http://bit.ly/cW15i2 in reply to jwnichls #
  • Stanford prof Lera Boroditsky argues that the language we speak
    profoundly affects the way we think. http://bit.ly/argfD9 #
  • @ChrisBeckmann Funny to think you used to be vegetarian. in reply to ChrisBeckmann #
  • @drjpierce @davidsinger Replacing the Death Star with a podrace does not sound like a good tradeoff. in reply to drjpierce #
  • Now that the 24" and 30" Cinema Displays are discontinued, Apple's only remaining external monitor model will cost $1000? Yeesh! #
  • Korean tacos take America by storm. http://nyti.ms/b2Vv8r #
  • @davidsinger Nice! I only have 2GB on my MacBook, which swaps like mad using Parallels or Photoshop Elements, and I can only expand to 4GB. in reply to davidsinger #
  • Khai Truong pointed me to the Simpsons parody of Kesha's Tik Tok. Now I can't get the damn song out of my head. #
  • A badge to get into a party at DefCon becomes a wireless interactive gaming platform. iPhone was used to test gameplay. http://bit.ly/bEjdxU #
  • What a real web design tool should have – http://bit.ly/aj5cG9 – and a follow-up – http://bit.ly/9Pa7z1 #
  • Damon Horowitz about Q&A servive Aardvark: it has no incentive mechanisms like points; they want to maximize altruism as a motivator. #
  • Isn't it odd that going to apple.com on an iPhone does not go to a mobile-specific version of the website? #
  • Ian Bogost, the creator of the Facebook game Cow Clicker, talks about social games and his satirical creation: http://bit.ly/ahQ7qN #

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