A few days ago, several state-run companies in Taiwan removed “China” from their names. The old names date back to when the Taiwanese government claimed to represent all of China. Mainland China wants that practice to continue, lest anyone think Taiwan is separate from China. The Taiwanese government claims it simply wants to reduce confusion, and it has a point.

I’ve listed the names of some companies and institutions (in some cases, the old name before “China” was dropped). Can you figure out which is based in Taiwan and which is based in mainland China?

    1. China Airlines
    2. Air China
    1. China National Petroleum Corporation
    2. Chinese Petroleum Corporation
    1. China Post
    2. Chunghwa Post (chunghwa means “Chinese”)
    1. China State Shipbuilding Corporation
    2. China Shipbuilding Corporation
    1. Central Bank of China
    2. People’s Bank of China

The first person to post the right answers gets the satisfaction of knowing that these facts are cluttering their brains (just like they’re cluttering mine)…