(This was originally posted to my Yahoo! 360° blog)

Unfortunately, the site that was hosting my blog, TrailBlazing.org, has unexpectedly gone down, and its maintainer, my friend Francis, doesn’t have time to track down the problem. Plus, I don’t want him to spend time fixing something that, essentially, only I was using. So I’m now posting new entries here, on Yahoo! 360°.

Besides hosting blogs, Yahoo 360° is also a social networking site like Friendster or Orkut, and it pulls in your contacts from Yahoo Messenger (which is a relief, I really don’t want to enter my contacts in yet another place). Eventually, I imagine it will integrate more tightly into Yahoo’s other sites, especially del.icio.us for social bookmarking, and Flickr for photo sharing — which I’ve also been meaning to try out.

Unfortunately, at first glance it doesn’t look like it will be easy to import my old blog entries in here, so once I can get them, I’ll probably put them up in a separate web site somewhere.