It was a busy weekend for me. On Saturday at 2 PM, I first went to the housewarming of Tessa and Dan, who I know independently from IBM and Caltech, respectively. It was made all the more memorable by Seth flying a radio-controlled helicopter right into a tree, and then him climbing the tree, a good 40 feet up, to shake it out. [photos]

Then I made my way up the peninsula to San Francisco, where Andy was throwing his farewell party — he’s graduating from Berkeley and moving out of the area. I plan to see his dissertation talk this Thursday. Andy most certainly did not want gifts (unless it was food), since he was trying to clean out his apartment. [photos]

After that I went to another party, this one in the East Bay, where Jennifer and Fredrik, who I know from SIMS, were holding their annual Glögg party. Their first party had mostly Berkeley students, over the years it has shifted to mostly co-workers. I’m glad I was there to uphold the Cal tradition. [photo]

I stayed overnight at my old apartment in Berkeley, where my former roommate Chinh still lives. It’s nice to have an option to sleep overnight up there! The next morning we had breakfast at Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe in Emeryville [photo]. I enjoyed the corned beef hash, although the salt gets to you after a while.

Then I drove down to Palo Alto to meet up with my high school friend Jon. Together we went on a tour of the house and garage where HP was founded. The only public tours scheduled so far was today, yesterday, and Saturday, so I feel lucky to have snagged a spot. Unfortunately, we weren’t given much time to linger, but I did get some good photos.

Finally, I went back to the South Bay to Shumin and Pernilla’s housewarming. They have a beautiful house complete with a pool, and Pernilla cooked way too much food. 🙂 Good stuff! She said if we had eaten like Swedes do at a Christmas party, there wouldn’t have been enough. Those Swedes must fast for days beforehand… [photos]

I finally went home at 4 PM, 26 hours after my first party. When I mentioned my schedule, someone said, “I’m sorry.” But they misunderstood — for me, it was fun! I got to see a lot of friends spanning high school, college, grad school, and IBM. It also helped that I didn’t have to host my own party at the same time.