Miscellaneous and Useless Information

  • Buxton: Jobs revived Apple with people already employed there, such as Jonathan Ives. The culture needed changing, not the people. [original tweet]
  • Gerken et al present method called Concept Maps to elicit developer’s mental model of API. A related resource: apiusability.org [original tweet]
  • Missed Wrangler (creating data transformation scripts interactively), but saw Jeff Heer’s BayCHI talk on it. Good stuff! [original tweet]
  • Substance introduces data-oriented paradigm: data is tree of nodes, facets are behavior that can migrate from node-node [original tweet]
  • Shared Substance is a framework on top of Substance for multi-display apps, supports service-oriented and shared state. [original tweet]
  • For lunch: Japanese-style hot dog (Kurobuta pork, mayo, teriyaki, seaweed) and shio ramen. Made possible by not eating breakfast. [original tweet]

Ethan Zimmerman’s closing plenary: Desperately Seeking Serendipity

  • People move to cities partly because it’s less boring and there’s more choice [original tweet]
  • Cities seem to provide more chances for serendipity, but people tend to stick to others similar to them (homophily) [original tweet]
  • Media consumption also very local. >90% read media in their own country. Leads to Tunisia revolution not well covered. [original tweet]
  • For serendipity, people must be prepared to take advantage of chances, and structures should be in place to create them. [original tweet]
  • What lessons about serendipity can we learn from cities and apply virtually? [original tweet]
  • Worth reading the “extended dance mix” of Ethan Zimmerman’s keynote. Only problem: you can’t hear him deliver it. [original tweet]

And finally:

  • Nirmal Patel: “Updated online CHI program so each paper has a link to the ACM DL page.” [original tweet]
  • Saw and enjoyed last 3 papers of Photo Sharing session, especially Jones and O’Neill on relationship of photo metadata and sharing [original tweet]
  • Will definitely discuss web credibility papers back at work. Need to read other 2 papers in that session. [original tweet]
  • Not tweeting much during CHI 2011 itself: the wi-fi is totally overloaded so I can’t connect [original tweet]
  • Larry Tesler’s talk was great. I knew he’s hugely important in HCI; I didn’t know he essentially invented cut/paste. [original tweet]
  • Kumar et al’s Bricolage (applying existing website’s design to other sites) normalizes DOM. Can see this work applied to lots of other areas [original tweet]
  • HyperSource by Bjoern Hartmann et al annotates lines of source code with related web browsing history. #want [original tweet]
  • Wondering how HyperSource can scale up, e.g., web page on design pattern affects many lines of code [original tweet]
  • Great to see utility of HCI work by Michael Toomim presented at CHI 2011. Eager to see how this work goes from here. +1 for soothing music. [original tweet]
  • Bakke et al adds data types, arrays, references to spreadsheets, allowing them to natively model 1-to-many, many-to-many relationships [original tweet]

Here are my Twitter posts on the first day of my trip to CHI 2011, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • At SFO Terminal 3. Longest security line I’ve seen in years. I better make my flight, which leaves in 1 hour. [original tweet]
  • @tsatracker SFO Terminal 3 economy security: 24 minute wait [original tweet]
  • At YVR curbside, waiting for my cousin to pick me up. The smokers are ignoring the designated smoking area, yuck. [original tweet]
  • Eating lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant with my cousin in Richmond. Traffic here is horrible. SkyTrain would have been faster.[original tweet]
  • Visited Granville Island, a great public space filled with art studios, shops, and a food market. Couldn’t resist buying maple caramels. [original tweet]
  • Had more Taiwanese food for dinner to go along with lunch. Pork hock: sounds so odd, tastes so good. [original tweet]
  • CHI 2011 iPhone app requires iOS 4.2. No way I’m using 4.2 on my iPhone 3G. Should have brought my Nexus One. [original tweet]

Saturday, April 23

  • When setting your alarm for a morning flight, make sure it’s set for AM, not PM. Parked in short term and just made it. [original tweet]
  • Don’t remember so many NYC subway service notices, but managed to get to the hotel anyway. Late night pizza nearby for dinner. [original tweet]

Sunday, April 24

  • For brunch, meeting up with Sabrina, old HCI/IBM friend, and her husband Steven, who turns out to work for Google! Small world. [original tweet]
  • Awesome brunch at Balthazar in SoHo. Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon and hollandaise. We got lucky: no wait! [original tweet]
  • Visited the Morgan Library, as in JP Morgan. Amazing collection and buildings. They have 3 Gutenberg bibles! [original tweet]
  • Surprised the ice skating rink is still up at Rockefeller Center [original tweet]
  • It was beautiful earlier today, but now it’s a downpour. Luckily we have umbrellas. Yay NYC weather. [original tweet]
  • For dinner, had the best pastrami at Katz’s Deli. I always make a trip there when I go to NY. [original tweet]

Tuesday, April 26

  • I keep forgetting how much humidity affects how warm it feels. 70º in NY easily feels 5–10º warmer than in SF. [original tweet]
  • I also don’t feel the need to wear sunglasses in NY like I do in SF. The sunlight is much more diffuse (humidity? pollution?). [original tweet]

Wednesday, April 27

  • New cafe in Google NYC opens today! Gorged on fried calamari. [original tweet]
  • The theme of the new Google NYC cafe is street food. There’s an actual food truck in the cafe, serving dessert. [original tweet]

Thursday, April 28

  • At a colleague’s apartment west of Midtown. Great views from the roof, and great Turkish food delivered for dinner! [original tweet]

Friday, April 29

  • Tried to go to Ippudo for ramen, but the wait was literally 2 hrs. Went to Rai Rai Ken instead, which was solid. [original tweet]
  • Vince was still craving pizza, so we went to John’s Pizzeria & got half cheese half sausage. Excellent, highly recommended! [original tweet]

Saturday, April 30

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