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  • Saw and enjoyed last 3 papers of Photo Sharing session, especially Jones and O’Neill on relationship of photo metadata and sharing [original tweet]
  • Will definitely discuss web credibility papers back at work. Need to read other 2 papers in that session. [original tweet]
  • Not tweeting much during CHI 2011 itself: the wi-fi is totally overloaded so I can’t connect [original tweet]
  • Larry Tesler’s talk was great. I knew he’s hugely important in HCI; I didn’t know he essentially invented cut/paste. [original tweet]
  • Kumar et al’s Bricolage (applying existing website’s design to other sites) normalizes DOM. Can see this work applied to lots of other areas [original tweet]
  • HyperSource by Bjoern Hartmann et al annotates lines of source code with related web browsing history. #want [original tweet]
  • Wondering how HyperSource can scale up, e.g., web page on design pattern affects many lines of code [original tweet]
  • Great to see utility of HCI work by Michael Toomim presented at CHI 2011. Eager to see how this work goes from here. +1 for soothing music. [original tweet]
  • Bakke et al adds data types, arrays, references to spreadsheets, allowing them to natively model 1-to-many, many-to-many relationships [original tweet]

Here are my Twitter posts on the first day of my trip to CHI 2011, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • At SFO Terminal 3. Longest security line I’ve seen in years. I better make my flight, which leaves in 1 hour. [original tweet]
  • @tsatracker SFO Terminal 3 economy security: 24 minute wait [original tweet]
  • At YVR curbside, waiting for my cousin to pick me up. The smokers are ignoring the designated smoking area, yuck. [original tweet]
  • Eating lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant with my cousin in Richmond. Traffic here is horrible. SkyTrain would have been faster.[original tweet]
  • Visited Granville Island, a great public space filled with art studios, shops, and a food market. Couldn’t resist buying maple caramels. [original tweet]
  • Had more Taiwanese food for dinner to go along with lunch. Pork hock: sounds so odd, tastes so good. [original tweet]
  • CHI 2011 iPhone app requires iOS 4.2. No way I’m using 4.2 on my iPhone 3G. Should have brought my Nexus One. [original tweet]

Saturday, April 23

  • When setting your alarm for a morning flight, make sure it’s set for AM, not PM. Parked in short term and just made it. [original tweet]
  • Don’t remember so many NYC subway service notices, but managed to get to the hotel anyway. Late night pizza nearby for dinner. [original tweet]

Sunday, April 24

  • For brunch, meeting up with Sabrina, old HCI/IBM friend, and her husband Steven, who turns out to work for Google! Small world. [original tweet]
  • Awesome brunch at Balthazar in SoHo. Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon and hollandaise. We got lucky: no wait! [original tweet]
  • Visited the Morgan Library, as in JP Morgan. Amazing collection and buildings. They have 3 Gutenberg bibles! [original tweet]
  • Surprised the ice skating rink is still up at Rockefeller Center [original tweet]
  • It was beautiful earlier today, but now it’s a downpour. Luckily we have umbrellas. Yay NYC weather. [original tweet]
  • For dinner, had the best pastrami at Katz’s Deli. I always make a trip there when I go to NY. [original tweet]

Tuesday, April 26

  • I keep forgetting how much humidity affects how warm it feels. 70º in NY easily feels 5–10º warmer than in SF. [original tweet]
  • I also don’t feel the need to wear sunglasses in NY like I do in SF. The sunlight is much more diffuse (humidity? pollution?). [original tweet]

Wednesday, April 27

  • New cafe in Google NYC opens today! Gorged on fried calamari. [original tweet]
  • The theme of the new Google NYC cafe is street food. There’s an actual food truck in the cafe, serving dessert. [original tweet]

Thursday, April 28

  • At a colleague’s apartment west of Midtown. Great views from the roof, and great Turkish food delivered for dinner! [original tweet]

Friday, April 29

  • Tried to go to Ippudo for ramen, but the wait was literally 2 hrs. Went to Rai Rai Ken instead, which was solid. [original tweet]
  • Vince was still craving pizza, so we went to John’s Pizzeria & got half cheese half sausage. Excellent, highly recommended! [original tweet]

Saturday, April 30

When I moved to the Bay Area from New England, I noticed that KGO 7, the ABC station in San Francisco, used the same theme song and logo as WABC 7 in New York. Here’s a KGO “open” from 1989:

To my surprise, the theme song is from the movie Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman. It’s amazing how a 10-second clip became the basis for newscasts around the world.

Most TV stations now use themes only reminiscent of the original, after the composer of the soundtrack, Lalo Schifrin, demanded higher royalties. (Schifrin also composed the theme song to Mission: Impossible.)

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