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Saturday, April 23

  • When setting your alarm for a morning flight, make sure it’s set for AM, not PM. Parked in short term and just made it. [original tweet]
  • Don’t remember so many NYC subway service notices, but managed to get to the hotel anyway. Late night pizza nearby for dinner. [original tweet]

Sunday, April 24

  • For brunch, meeting up with Sabrina, old HCI/IBM friend, and her husband Steven, who turns out to work for Google! Small world. [original tweet]
  • Awesome brunch at Balthazar in SoHo. Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon and hollandaise. We got lucky: no wait! [original tweet]
  • Visited the Morgan Library, as in JP Morgan. Amazing collection and buildings. They have 3 Gutenberg bibles! [original tweet]
  • Surprised the ice skating rink is still up at Rockefeller Center [original tweet]
  • It was beautiful earlier today, but now it’s a downpour. Luckily we have umbrellas. Yay NYC weather. [original tweet]
  • For dinner, had the best pastrami at Katz’s Deli. I always make a trip there when I go to NY. [original tweet]

Tuesday, April 26

  • I keep forgetting how much humidity affects how warm it feels. 70º in NY easily feels 5–10º warmer than in SF. [original tweet]
  • I also don’t feel the need to wear sunglasses in NY like I do in SF. The sunlight is much more diffuse (humidity? pollution?). [original tweet]

Wednesday, April 27

  • New cafe in Google NYC opens today! Gorged on fried calamari. [original tweet]
  • The theme of the new Google NYC cafe is street food. There’s an actual food truck in the cafe, serving dessert. [original tweet]

Thursday, April 28

  • At a colleague’s apartment west of Midtown. Great views from the roof, and great Turkish food delivered for dinner! [original tweet]

Friday, April 29

  • Tried to go to Ippudo for ramen, but the wait was literally 2 hrs. Went to Rai Rai Ken instead, which was solid. [original tweet]
  • Vince was still craving pizza, so we went to John’s Pizzeria & got half cheese half sausage. Excellent, highly recommended! [original tweet]

Saturday, April 30

  • (2 wks ago) Got back from Pittsburgh yesterday. The pilot announced that the Giants were going to the World Series! #
  • Great talks yesterday at #baychi @egoodman on IxD practices in the field, Xianhang Zhang on social software design. http://bit.ly/a93Tv9 #
  • I'm starting to dig through and reorganize all the computer files I've accumulated over the years. Oldest: 1987 (GWBASIC program) #
  • And with DOSBox on my Mac, I can still run that GWBASIC program, 23 years later. #
  • After "Helvetica", what's the next movie for font geeks? "Linotype: The Film" comes out in fall 2011. http://linotypefilm.com/ #
  • New version of Freebase Gridworks, an open source tool that cleans and enhances data sets. Now called Google Refine. http://goo.gl/wHKUX #
  • Surprise: geocoding photos by hand SUCKS. Time to get a GPS data logger. I've heard good things about Amod: http://amzn.com/B000WO6HJW #
  • Apple has been experimenting with tablet computers since 1979. Here are some amazing concepts and prototypes: http://bit.ly/cCtA6n #

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  • @jeffbigham Don't know. Personally, I'd like "Delay by", and so far haven't felt the need for "Delay until". Time for a user study! 🙂 in reply to jeffbigham #
  • #SFGiants #49ers and #Raiders all win on the same day. When was the last time *that* happened? #
  • YEEEESSSSSS!!!! After 56 years, the #SFGiants have run the World Series! Woooooooooo!!!!! #
  • And the first time since the Giants moved to San Francisco! woooohoooooo #
  • (1 wk ago) Visited CMU today and yesterday, talked with lots of profs and grad students about their work. Good times! #
  • (1 wk ago) Also went through funky new Gates-Hillman CS building and took the Pausch Bridge to rest of campus. Randy, your legacy lives on. #
  • @jeffbigham I'm paranoid about my privacy, which is why I delay my travel tweets. I don't know how many tweeters like me are out there. in reply to jeffbigham #
  • @jwnichls More than 2 years ago? That's sad (but not surprising). in reply to jwnichls #
  • While I'm delay tweeting by a week, the NY Times is delay blogging the Civil War by 150 years: http://nyti.ms/9X9BKu #
  • McRib returns to McDonald's for 6 wks. LA Times: http://lat.ms/cvZbYd Reminds me of Homer Simpson lusting for a Ribwich. http://goo.gl/fyKOC #
  • BART, Caltrain, freeways, ferries completely jammed for the #SFGiants victory parade. Wish I could be there. #
  • Hey GOP, for all your talk about repealing health care reform: you only control *one* chamber of Congress. #
  • Watching the #SFGiants parade on http://cbs5.com. Freakin' unbelievable! #
  • (1 wk ago) At Google's new Pittsburgh office in Bakery Square, an old Nabisco factory built in 1918. Wow, this space is really nice! #
  • More proof that California is different from the rest of the country: Democrats won 8 out of 9 statewide races; AG is too close to call. #
  • @jeffbigham I'm now using slowtweet for its intended purpose, to avoid swamping my followers. It's great! #
  • @jwnichls Good point, although I still think we can do better. 🙂 #
  • Google Pittsburgh is in East Liberty, which suffered from urban decline in the 60s-90s but is making a comeback. http://nyti.ms/aXzqos #
  • After #SFGiants won the World Series, I can't get "Don't Stop Believing" out of my head. Maybe it's because of: http://youtu.be/_P-DpMFd8_A #
  • (1 wk ago) It's funny to think that after a long day at Google, the place to hang out is the game room — at Google. Time for Rock Band! #
  • Whoops, just realized all those "1 wk ago" tweets were really 2 weeks ago. Ugh. I really need an automated program to do this for me. #
  • @ArsTechnica has wonderful in-depth reviews. Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) – http://t.co/CmZXkt6, Windows Phone 7 – http://t.co/mLflJOO #
  • Sigh, twitter.com doesn't parse the ArsTechnica Ubuntu 10.0 review URL correctly, let's try again: http://t.co/CmZXkt6 #

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  • Today's date as a binary number, 101010, equals 42. So today is the ultimate day for geeks to get married! /via http://nyti.ms/c2Z4tA #
  • Congrats to the SF Giants! Apparently, the key for them winning a post-season game is for me to not watch it. I only saw Friday's game. #

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