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CBS News reports on the Optimal Diet from Poland, which advocates even more fat and less carbs than Atkins: 250 grams, half a pound, of fat per day.

New Diet: ‘Fit Through Fat’

This is one of the more creative, if not bizarre, political financing schemes I’ve seen. Alberto Fujimori, the disgraced former president of Peru, says that Fuji-Cola will “quench the thirst of popular discontent.”

Ever since I read a New York Times article on Chinese-Americans in the Mississippi Delta, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the Chinese-American experience away from the urban coasts. Looks like I’m not the only one: Berkeley artist Indigo Som has an ongoing project called the Chinese Restaurant Project. The latest exhibition is called Mostly Mississippi: Chinese Restaurants of the South, which is being shown at the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco. Ms. Som is speaking there today at 3:00 about her project. (Too bad I can’t go.)

Also, you can contribute to her project! She is conducting a survey of Chinese restaurant experiences, and is collecting take-out menus from every Chinese restaurant in the U.S. Maybe I’ll get a few for her while I’m up in Portland next month…

I finally got a chance to watch the Iron Chef America specials that first aired on Food Network back in April. I really enjoyed it: it captures the atmosphere and the attitude of the original Japanese series. And it looks like a lot of people agree with me: it’s becoming a full series starting on January 16. Woohoo! There are a few things I would change though.

  • As good as Alton Brown is as a commentator, he needs someone to talk with, just like Mr. Fukui bantered with Dr. Hattori on the original.
  • They should never get another judge who is afraid of raw food.

By the way, the chairman of Iron Chef America is the real-life nephew of the original Chairman Kaga.

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