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China and Taiwan

Whenever I visited Taiwan, I always found it disconcerting to see “Long Life Cigarettes” being sold in Buddhist temples. Those days may be numbered. A proposed amendment to the Tobacco Hazards Act would, among other things, ban any words or phrases which imply that smoking does not harm health.

My previous post on an African-American boy who sings Chinese opera reminded Rich of a former Chinese scholar named Abigail Washburn who sings bluegrass songs in Chinese. She is currently touring China and getting a good reception.

Tyler Thompson doesn’t speak the language, but he sings it very well.

Oakland: Boy, 9, a rising star in Chinese opera • San Francisco Chronicle

Boy who sings in Chinese draws oohs, ahs • Oakland Tribune (link good until Feb. 20, 2005)

(Chronicle link added on Febrary 16, 2006)

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