• Buxton: Jobs revived Apple with people already employed there, such as Jonathan Ives. The culture needed changing, not the people. [original tweet]
  • Gerken et al present method called Concept Maps to elicit developer’s mental model of API. A related resource: apiusability.org [original tweet]
  • Missed Wrangler (creating data transformation scripts interactively), but saw Jeff Heer’s BayCHI talk on it. Good stuff! [original tweet]
  • Substance introduces data-oriented paradigm: data is tree of nodes, facets are behavior that can migrate from node-node [original tweet]
  • Shared Substance is a framework on top of Substance for multi-display apps, supports service-oriented and shared state. [original tweet]
  • For lunch: Japanese-style hot dog (Kurobuta pork, mayo, teriyaki, seaweed) and shio ramen. Made possible by not eating breakfast. [original tweet]

Ethan Zimmerman’s closing plenary: Desperately Seeking Serendipity

  • People move to cities partly because it’s less boring and there’s more choice [original tweet]
  • Cities seem to provide more chances for serendipity, but people tend to stick to others similar to them (homophily) [original tweet]
  • Media consumption also very local. >90% read media in their own country. Leads to Tunisia revolution not well covered. [original tweet]
  • For serendipity, people must be prepared to take advantage of chances, and structures should be in place to create them. [original tweet]
  • What lessons about serendipity can we learn from cities and apply virtually? [original tweet]
  • Worth reading the “extended dance mix” of Ethan Zimmerman’s keynote. Only problem: you can’t hear him deliver it. [original tweet]

And finally:

  • Nirmal Patel: “Updated online CHI program so each paper has a link to the ACM DL page.” [original tweet]