• SoundHound for iPhone works! Hummed a song for which I didn't know title/artist, and bam: Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson. http://bit.ly/cbXATt #
  • More Google distractions: watching the indie band OK Go, who've made a bunch of innovative music videos. Just search for them on YouTube. #
  • Don't know how I missed this xkcd comic – Highway Engineer Pranks: http://xkcd.com/253/ #
  • @epaulos Einstein probably didn't say that, too bad. http://bit.ly/aY4KTi in reply to epaulos #
  • Totally agree. RT @jboutelle: Why don't they sell "normal" laptops anymore? Widescreen sucks for editing documents or code. Grr…. #
  • Did Mark Twain/Einstein/Ben Franklin/Lincoln/etc *really* sat that? http://quoteinvestigator.com/ #
  • Today's gesture UIs are like command-line interfaces in that you have to memorize them. Here's more: http://ignco.de/290 #
  • A 10 min video of Dan Pink on the surprising truth about what motivates us, with wonderful animation. Must see! http://youtu.be/u6XAPnuFjJc #
  • Democracies are more prone to violence than dictatorships. Violence drops when the democracy AND the economy matures. http://nyti.ms/abJFE8 #

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