• @landay Doing my part: I got a good systems paper and gave it a 5. in reply to landay #
  • Some companies ban Pac-Man Google home page because they ban games. Others think they have a virus. Killjoys! http://bit.ly/9kx2p3 #
  • Armed with a netbook, med supplies and a bike, InfoLadies give Bangladeshis access to crucial info. The Guardian: http://bit.ly/9OkR1o #
  • Went curling with my colleagues at Sharks Ice yesterday. Surprisingly sore today. #
  • Classic scene today in Los Altos: a woman smoking in front of the American Cancer Society thrift store. #
  • @landay By the time I realized the irony, she was gone. in reply to landay #
  • @drjpierce It was a lot of fun! Don't know when I'll go back, but at least I'll be able to understand what I'm watching during the Olympics. in reply to drjpierce #
  • @manukumar I'll also +1 Helvetica the film. in reply to manukumar #

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