• @Manas My 1st Googleversary is just two weeks after yours. in reply to Manas #
  • Just received the book No Code Required about end-user programming on the web. +1 to @jwnichls @tessalau @socialCypher and Mira Dontcheva! #
  • RT @uwnews: Survey shows that among whites, tea party supporters more willing than others to curtail civil liberties: http://bit.ly/dnYaPs #
  • I didn't foresee HP buying Palm, but it makes sense if executed well. In mobile: differentiation, not compatibility, is now a driving force. #
  • @rashmi Steve Jobs won't put Fake Steve Jobs out of business. FSJ is still funnier. in reply to rashmi #
  • @drjpierce I also think OS X apps tend to be better designed than Windows apps because OS X users have higher expectations. in reply to drjpierce #
  • @jeffbigham The study said 1/8 will scale back or eliminate their pay TV, a big difference. I'm curious to see how many follow through. in reply to jeffbigham #
  • @jeffbigham I also don't have cable or satellite, and I don't miss it either. But I'm curious to see how many others will take the plunge. in reply to jeffbigham #

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