Last month I was in Montreal for the CHI conference. I came away impressed by the city; it really is a wonderful blend of Europe and North America. (The signs are all in French, but everyone speaks English!) The original city center still has blocks and blocks of historic buildings intact, while downtown and surrounding neighborhoods have an urban energy to them. There’s also an extensive “Underground City,” which came in handy during the first few rainy days.

I visited a few great museums and historic buildings, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Botanical Garden, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, which is a ¼-scale model of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica.

(I’ll put up photos once I figure out how to export my metadata from Adobe Photoshop Elements to Flickr.)

(I never did figure out how to export metadata from Photoshop Elements to Flickr… Updated June 27, 2006)