Two nights ago, my buddy Jonathan and I met up for dinner. We were in an adventurous mood, so we went to Vicky’s Restaurant [map | Mercury News review], which specializes in cuisine from El Salvador, in the Burbank neighborhood of San Jose. Jon couldn’t resist the 2 Tacos for $2 deal, but we also made sure to get Salvadorean specials, like pupusas (stuffed fried tortillas), sweet corn tamales with sour cream, and pasteles (mini pies stuffed with meat and vegetables). Highly recommended. It came out to $22 for the two of us, and we were absolutely stuffed.

But we went for ice cream anyway. I suggested Cold Stone Creamery since I had a gift certificate. Jon vehemently rejected it, which was fine by me, since years of training at Berkeley has resulted in a knee-jerk reaction in avoiding chains at all costs. So we drove to Willow Glen, since I figured given its demographics, there had to be at least one ice cream store there.

After going up and down Lincoln Avenue, we found it: The Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Company [map]. I went for a “small” raspberry frozen yogurt, while Jon went for a “medium” handmade fudge-type ice cream. Boy it was good, but it was too much. “Small” was the third largest size, after child and mini. The frozen yogurt store looks like it’s been there forever and the line was out the door. But it turns out it’s only been open since 2002; the building used to be a Wolf Camera store.